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We all love diamond jewellery. Buying diamonds can be a little overwhelming. It is fun to wear them, but buying them can become a hassle. There’s nothing more alluring than a sparkling diamond, especially when it’s used to create a magnificent piece of jewellery. This often comes with a steep price.

Diamonds are not extremely rare, but it’s high-quality diamonds that are used in diamond jewellery that are rare. It’s the rarity that makes them more valuable.

Tips to consider when buying Diamonds are:

Always set a budget:

Always have a budget set to avoid overspending. Diamonds can put a dent in your bank account as they are significant investments. You wouldn’t want to go bankrupt just because you want to buy a diamond ring. Setting a proper budget will also save you time and effort. You can also limit your research if you know your budget. Check out the real diamond ring price through the internet to know what fits your budget.

Prioritise what you want:

Prioritising what you want is the key to deciding what you pick. Would you prefer a large solitaire, a cluster of small diamonds, or a magnificent amalgamation of both? Are you considering buying a diamond ring, diamond pendant, or a diamond nose ring? Once you are clear on what kind of diamond jewellery you would like to buy, you can start doing your research.

Understanding the 4Cs:

When you have decided on what you want to buy. The next query that arises is how to choose a diamond? In order to know the difference between the different types of cuts and sizes, it is important to to learn about the 4Cs.

Cut Quality
Carat weight

Cut Quality:

The cut is the diamond’s most important quality, directly affecting the quality and allure. A good diamond’s cut must exhibit the properties of the diamond, such as its proportions, symmetry, surface finish, and other fine details. Every diamond has different depth, width, and facets. The light that shines through the diamond and reflects off it is described by its brilliance. Princess cut diamond ring is one of the most famous cuts in diamond rings.


As the saying goes, the whiter the diamond, the higher its value. There are several grades of diamond colour in the diamond buying guide. The best choice is a diamond with a pure white colour unless you want a coloured diamond. If you are buying a large diamond, you should focus more on the cut than the colour. Diamonds are uniquely represented through D-Z., with D being the most expensive and colourless, while Z is yellow and a little less expensive.

The naked eye cannot distinguish between two diamonds; an expert can only differentiate them. To buy the best quality diamonds, ask your jeweller for some pointers. People with unusual tastes prefer proposing with a black diamond ring too. The natural black colour in diamonds usually comes from the presence of many small and dark inclusions and blemishes.


“Clarity” refers to the internal inclusions and external blemishes known as faults and imperfections in and on the diamonds. These inclusions are not visible to our naked eye. Through a microscope and under 10X power magnification, if no internal inclusion can be seen, the diamond is considered flawless. Grades are assigned to diamonds according to how flawless they are. Simply put, the clarity of the diamond is the measure of the rarity and purity of the stone. If the diamond has inclusions, there won’t be any refraction of light, and the diamond will be cloudy and will not shine bright. People prefer selecting diamond rings for engagement as diamonds are eternal, symbol of love, and strength. diamond jewellery online,


A diamond’s weight and price are determined by its carat. Large diamonds are rarely found, so their price is significantly higher per carat than smaller ones. As the number of carats increases, the value of the diamonds will be drastically higher. If buying diamond engagement rings for women, people prefer researching the 1-carat diamond ring price in India. Many women prefer to be proposed to by diamond gold engagement rings, while some prefer platinum diamond rings.

Check for Diamond Certification:

If you are worried about how to pick a diamond, it’s best to check its authenticity through Diamond certificates. Diamond Certification is also known as Diamond Grading. Diamond Certification is an evaluation system produced by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to evaluate the grade or quality of diamonds based on the 4Cs. It is highly recommended to buy only certified diamond jewellery. Even if you plan to purchase diamond jewellery online, check if the company provides Diamond Certification.

Shape of the diamond:

Diamonds come in many shapes and sizes. The shape is usually considered when buying diamond engagement rings. The brilliant cut (round) is the most preferred diamond shape for a solitaire diamond ring. The brilliant cut diamond is expensive when compared to other diamond shapes. Most of the diamonds appear to be larger than the brilliant cut shaped diamonds. Some of the well known diamond shapes are:

Brilliant cut – round diamond
Princess cut – square diamond
Cushion cut – square cut with rounded edges
Marquise cut – elongated diamond with pointed ends
Heart shaped – usual heart shape
Pear shaped – drop kind of shape
Oval shaped – round diamond but longer
Emerald cut – rectangular diamond
Radiant cut – rectangular brilliant diamond

There is no doubt that diamonds are expensive, but they can be affordable too. You can purchase a cluster of small diamonds to make a diamond jewellery set or diamond ring. All you have to do is decide the carats and the colour of the diamond.

Bridal jewellery is all about glam and fantasy, and diamond jewellery is perfect for wedding jewellery. These days, everyone prefers wearing diamond rings, men too! If you are a man and want to buy a gold diamond ring for yourself, try researching a single diamond ring for men to surf through many options available.

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